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July 24, 2024
Why Roofers Make Good Money

Why Roofers Make Good Money

Aug 27, 2023

Artificial intelligence has made significant inroads into offices around the world over the past year or so. This has created significant anxiety among white-collar workers. The average tradesperson, by contrast, is unlikely to be replaced any time soon. 

Among tradespeople, the roofer is among the most in-demand professionals. After all, just about every building in the world comes with a roof that occasionally needs to be maintained, and sometimes needs to be replaced. This is a task that requires a specialised skillset, and involves physical risk, too. 

As such, roofers can expect to bring in a significant amount, and enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing that their work is secure for years to come.

How much do roofers earn?

If you own your own roofing business, and you have the experience necessary to make a success of it, then you might expect annual earnings upwards of £80k before tax. At the other end of the spectrum are apprentices, who can expect to earn an hourly rate of £6.40. The vast majority of roofers fall somewhere in the middle.

The ultimate figure is determined by a number of factors. Among these is your location. Where there are lots of expensive buildings with wealthy owners, you’ll be able to charge more. London and other big cities are obvious cases in point.

Good quality roofers will be able to charge more for their services – but without the business skills to match, you might find it difficult to meet your potential in the business

Investing in the right training and skills is essential. You’ll need to be on the right side of building codes, and to build a reputation among local customers. Thanks to digital media like Google reviews and Facebook, poor-quality work can quickly deflate your reputation, and subsequently your earnings. 

As such, you’ll want to treat every job as though it might make or break your career. While a single bad review might not be quite as damaging as that, it can still be a source of stress and annoyance that you could ideally do without.

What should I expect?

The day of a typical roofer will vary depending on the job in question. In some cases, you might need to patch up a leak or install some roof insulation. In other cases, you’ll need to carry out more extensive repairs, or even build an entire roof from scratch. Being comfortable handling heavy materials is essential. Learn how to safely pick up and carry a stack of ceramic tiles at height. Get proper scaffolding training. An injury to you might inhibit your earning potential in the future. An injury to someone else might result in reputational damage. Make sure that your business is insured.

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