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June 25, 2024
How to Keep Kids Entertained During Long-Distance Travel

How to Keep Kids Entertained During Long-Distance Travel

Aug 28, 2023

Traveling long distances with children can be a daunting duty. We always heard one question repetitively “Are we there yet”? Sitting for hours and hours always welcomes boredom and frustration for adults and kids. 

But travel doesn’t have to become a nightmare while traveling on long-distance journeys; it is best to keep restless kids entertained. However, thoughtful pre-planning and preparation with a bit of creativity can turn any trip into a fun and adventurous journey. This article will provide tips to keep your children entertained while traveling long distances.

1. Sing-alongs

Traveling outside the city, and you have never done “Sing-alongs” you better start playing it with your kids. There are tons of “Kids Music” CDs at your nearby store which can be easily availed. Or try out online podcasts.

It has a variety of channels with a diverse topic for every age group kid; if your child love to experiment, there is a channel for science called “Tumble”, if your kid likes horror stories, go with “Unspookeable,” another popular podcast like, wow in the World and Smash Boom Best for traveling listening is best.

However, the next time you are covering long distances ahead of you and worrying about handling little bunches of love without making you crazy, ponder this. 

2. Plenty of snacks and drinks

The prime purpose of a long journey depends on food, maintaining kids’ health, and keeping them hydrated. Carry many snacks, drinks, and fruits along the journey that are also healthy and fun to eat. 

There are a lot of good snacks for children, like, Skout Organics kids snack bar, banana chips, veggie-based chips, and many more. Try to reach out for organic and fun-shaped snacks kids love them too much USA has a lot of hygiene and organic food; go for that. 

And, avoid buying sugary snacks; it will hype energy into them; you don’t want kids bouncing around the walls, right? Pack some water bottles and fresh juice cartons for hydration throughout the trip.

3. Cartoons and Movies

Carrying a screen anywhere is easy in cars, airplanes, elevators, and our mobile. And we know kids nowadays are addicted to cartoons and rhymes, and you don’t want kids to be glued to them on the journey; otherwise, technology is an excellent way to keep children busy.

YouTube TV is an amazing streaming platform with a wide range of content and safe for children. From family content to education and cartoon, channels are available. Instead, some informative famous channels, National Geographic, TED-Ed, and Brain Games, will keep up with their learning. 

For fun and enjoyment, Disney Junior, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network are popular. Also, family-friendly movies are available on Disney Plus channels; what else do we need? Everything is under one click.

 Remember, you must download YouTube TV content on your device before leaving the house. It is the only way to enjoy your trip without interruption. Otherwise, you have to use VPN because you cannot use YouTube TV outside the USA.

4. Travel Games

Now the fun part, the best way to keep kids busy is playing games. There are a lot of travel games that can replace boredom and engage your kids’ minds. Classic games like I Spy and Twenty Questions are still known to be great and fun. 

There are new games like The License Plate Game or The Alphabet Game. You can also create your own games; research states that to make one’s journey shorter and more memorable is creating one’s creative games. Also, you can give them electronic games too.

5. Take along books

Well, children don’t like to carry books everywhere, but it is us who will make them fall in love with reading, and this is the best way to bring along your children’s favorite books or introduce them to new fun books. 

And if your kids are too young to read, you can take audiobooks. Audiobooks are great ideas for long journeys, as they will give kids their space while listening to them; they can enjoy outside-the-window scenery.

 6. Take a break

After all of these activities, kids can get bored and restless during long-distance trips. It is essential to rest, stretch your legs or go to the restroom and just breathe some fresh air. Pre-plan some stops on the way at rest locations like parks.


To conclude, bringing kid’s kit along for long-distance trips makes traveling more accessible than you think. With pre-planning and creativity, you can change the game for yourself. Fun adventures can be achieved only with pre-planning. 

Arrange every essential thing like snacks, drinks, coloring, and audio or physical books and games; they can be board or electronic games. Most importantly, use technology wisely, and don’t forget to take breaks for refreshment and energize yourself. The above tips will surely help you, and your next traveling will be a breeze.

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