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June 25, 2024
Why Springfree Trampolines Are the Safest Option for Your Children

Why Springfree Trampolines Are the Safest Option for Your Children

Aug 4, 2023

Trampolines are a cherished and exciting addition to any outdoor space, offering limitless hours of enjoyment and physical activity for children and the young-at-heart. However, safety should always be a top priority for outdoor play. Traditional trampolines with springs can pose risks of injuries, especially for young children. That’s where springfree Trampolines come in! This article explores why springfree Trampolines are the safest option for your children, offering peace of mind and boundless enjoyment.

1. Revolutionary Springless Design: Bouncing Without Springs

Their revolutionary springless design is the most significant safety feature that sets these trampolines apart. Instead of using traditional metal springs that can pinch and cause injuries, these trampolines utilise flexible composite rods positioned beneath the jumping surface. This eliminates the risk of accidental contact with springs and ensures a safer bouncing experience for kids.

2. SoftEdge Technology: Extra Cushioning for Safe Landings

These trampolines are equipped with SoftEdge mat technology, a springless and shock-absorbent edge around the jumping surface. This innovative design provides an extra cushioning layer and reduces the impact on joints, minimising the risk of injuries when bouncing and landing on the trampoline.

3. No Protruding Poles or Hard Surfaces: A Safe Play Environment

Traditional trampolines often have exposed metal poles or hard surfaces on the perimeter, increasing the risk of collisions and accidents. Trampolines have a unique FlexiNet enclosure system that is positioned on the inside of the net, away from the jumping area. This design eliminates any hard surfaces or protruding poles inside the jumping zone, creating a safer and more spacious play environment for your children.

4. High-Strength Netting: Durability and Security

The netting of these trampolines is made from high-strength polyethylene, designed to withstand robust use and weather conditions. The netting is also UV-resistant, ensuring long-lasting durability and protection for your little jumpers as they enjoy hours of outdoor fun.

5. Springless Ground Level Design: Easy Access and Reduced Risk

These trampolines are ground level, meaning they have no raised edges or metal frames to climb over. This design makes it easier for children to access the trampoline safely and reduces the risk of falls from a height. The ground-level access ensures a seamless and safe entry onto the trampoline, giving parents peace of mind.

6. Designed by Engineers: Rigorous Safety Standards

Trampolines are designed and engineered by experts in safety and trampoline technology. The rigorous safety standards and attention to detail ensure that every trampoline aspect is optimised for maximum safety. From the innovative springless design to the sturdy construction, they are crafted to provide the safest play experience for children.

7. Built to Last: Investment in Long-Term Safety

Investing in a trampoline is not just a commitment to immediate safety but also a long-term investment in your child’s playtime. These trampolines are built with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, ensuring they will stand the test of time and provide a safe and enjoyable play space for many years to come.


When it comes to your children’s playtime, safety is paramount. These trampolines offer a superior and innovative design that prioritises the safety of young jumpers without compromising on fun. With a springless and soft-edge design, sturdy netting, and ground-level access, springless trampolines create a secure and enjoyable play environment for children of all ages. As you watch your little ones bounce and play, you can rest assured knowing that the cutting-edge safety features of springfree Trampolines protect them. So, let your children’s imagination soar, and their energy burn on a springless trampoline—a safe and thrilling addition to your backyard that will create lasting memories of laughter and joy.

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