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June 25, 2024
The Utility of Comfort in the Workplace

The Utility of Comfort in the Workplace

Dec 18, 2023

You might feel as though some aspects of your business have a straightforwardly practical purpose, and others do not feed quite so neatly into that idea of what will push you forward. They are likely all connected on a deeper level than that, and comfort in the workplace, while initially hard to imagine how it would propel you forward can be instrumental.

It all comes back to your employees and how they are feeling at work. If you can build a solid enough foundation for your business to thrive, everything else will be much easier to build – and your staff members are instrumental to that foundation.

Employee Retention

If your employees work in a space they don’t find comfortable, they might not be very likely to stick around for that long. Many businesses will tell you the importance of keeping your staff turnover low – regular departures can mean that you lose talent and constantly have to spend more time hiring and training than you would like, all the while the poor working conditions deter others from applying with you. 

Paying attention to what makes a working environment comfortable and enjoyable for people to spend time in can help you to be constructive in your approach to feedback, nurturing an environment where productivity is tied to wellbeing.


It is easy to think of these changes you make as being contrary to the changes you would make if you were looking to create the most practical space possible, but that might not be as true as you think it is. In fact, at times, you might even realize that designing with comfort in mind can help you to optimize your workspace. In warehouses, for instance, installing high-volume, low-speed fans, such as those that you can find at can enable the exact kind of comfort that you’re looking for while being as unintrusive as possible. If this form of temperature control allows your employees to be as comfortable as possible while working, 

Comfort as Convenience

How you view comfort is also important – it might be that you are ultimately looking at it through too narrow of a lens, only thinking of it as something directly tied to physical comfort. Sometimes, comfort can be about how easy and convenient it is to get the things that you need. It is why you feel so much more at ease at home than you might do when visiting friends or staying in a hotel.

Equipping your business with everything that your employees need to be comfortable might also mean getting them the tools that they need to work as easily as possible – a desk layout that is open and welcoming to collaboration, cloud software that can make it easier to work together, and other considerations in that regard. If you want your staff members to work from an office instead of from home, you’re going to want that office space to be as workable and appealing as possible.

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