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June 25, 2024
Diablo 4’s Server Slam Third Beta: What You Need to Know

Diablo 4’s Server Slam Third Beta: What You Need to Know

Apr 21, 2023

Diablo 4 fans, rejoice! The game has announced a surprise third beta weekend called the “Server Slam” to stress-test the game before its much-anticipated launch in June. As an avid Diablo 4 player, you can’t afford to miss this opportunity to try out the game and provide feedback on its endgame content and recent patch changes.

When and What to Expect

The Server Slam third beta will take place from May 12-14, and the developers aim to get as many people logging in as possible to test the game and ensure it doesn’t break during the actual launch. While everything is the same as the previous betas, there are a few important differences to note.

New Changes

  • Legendary drop rates will not be inflated this time. This will allow you to experience how they will actually feel at lower levels.
  • A world boss named Ashava will spawn every three hours, starting at 9 AM PDT, 24 hours after the beta starts. If you beat Ashava with a level 20 character before the Server Slam ends, you will be granted a Cry of Ashava Mount Trophy, which appears to be Ashava’s horn attached to the ass of your horse.
  • The beta feedback patch includes buffs and nerfs to different classes, especially the Barbarian and Druid that were under performing at lower levels. This patch will also involve changes to the dungeons, limiting backtracking through areas where there are no monsters.

Earned Trophies and Titles

While the beta progress will be erased, all earned trophies and titles will carry over to the main game. So, don’t hold back and take advantage of this opportunity to try out different classes before the game’s launch.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, Diablo 4’s third beta serves as an exciting preview of what’s to come in the full game. So gear up, get ready, and join the Server Slam for a chance to test your skills and provide valuable feedback to the developers. And if you need to buy Diablo4 coins or items, remember to visit for a reliable and affordable shopping experience.

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