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November 29, 2023
What Skills Should IT Operation and Maintenance Engineers Have? What Can They Do?

What Skills Should IT Operation and Maintenance Engineers Have? What Can They Do?

May 18, 2023

What skills should IT operation and maintenance engineers have?

What can iT operation and maintenance engineers do?

Daily work: this part is mainly used to standardize and clarify the post responsibilities and work arrangements of operation and maintenance personnel, provide quantitative basis for performance appraisal, and provide means for accumulation and sharing of experience and knowledge;

Resource assets: IT engineers should manage the resource assets of various IT systems in the enterprise. These resource assets can exist physically or logically, and can interact with the financial department of the enterprise;

Equipment management: IT engineers should monitor and manage the operation status of network equipment, server equipment, storage hardware and operating equipment system;

Data storage: unified storage, backup and recovery of system and business data;

Contents of the directory: This part mainly focuses on the management of the content and public information that enterprises need to publish uniformly or customize for people;

Business: It includes the monitoring and management of the operation of the enterprise’s own core business system. For business management, it focuses on the CSF (Critical Success Factors) and KPI (Key Performance Indicators) of the business system;

Application service: monitoring and management of various application support software, such as database, middleware, groupware, and various general or specific services, such as mail system, DNS, Web, etc.

What skills should IT operation and maintenance engineers have?

Operation and maintenance engineers should have solid basic computer knowledge about computer system architecture, network technology, security, storage, operating system, CDN, DB, etc.;

The O&M engineer should be able to make comprehensive use of tools and platforms for development, such as development of languages like Perl, Python, PHP, Shell (awk, sed, expect, etc.), and should have practical project development experience;

The operation and maintenance engineer shall have rich system knowledge about system tools, typical system architecture, common platform selection, etc. In terms of general applications, they need to know about operating systems (currently mainly Linux and BSD in China), web servers (Nginx, Apache, PHP, Lighttpd, Java…), databases (MySQL, Oracle), etc. They should know about system optimization. These skills are just bonus items. You can learn them slowly while working. These things are not difficult. Of course, in the operation and maintenance, the division of labor of each part may be different;

The operation and maintenance engineer shall have the ability of data analysis and be able to sort out and analyze various data of system operation, find problems and find solutions;

The scope of knowledge of operation and maintenance is very wide. We should keep learning, and it is necessary to keep improving ourselves. ccna test questions website

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