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April 25, 2024
Maintaining Solar Panels on Your Home: How Much Effort Is Required

Maintaining Solar Panels on Your Home: How Much Effort Is Required

Oct 26, 2023

Solar panels are a great way to power up with sustainable energy. High-quality solar panels can deliver affordable energy for about 25 years. Another positive aspect to solar panels is that they do not require much regular maintenance. However, they do require a bit of attention from time to time. The benefits of solar panels, though, far outweigh the need for periodic maintenance.  

How To Maintain Solar Panels

Solar panels that are tilted simplify maintenance, as rain washes debris off them. This reduces some maintenance work, but not all. Manufacturers generally recommend you clean solar panels between two and four times each year. You may also need to check on and clean solar panels after specific weather events. 

  • For general cleaning – Use a leaf blower or a garden hose to remove debris from the panels. 
  • In winter – If you live in a region that receives heavy snowfall, you may need to clear snow from the panels. You can use a long-handled squeegee or pour lukewarm water on the panels. As they are tempered glass, be sure not to use hot water, as this could crack the panels. 
  • During dry seasons – If your area has not had rain for some time, check the solar panels. You may need to clear away debris. 

Keeping the surface of your solar panels clear and clean helps them operate at full capacity. Search for solar companies near me. Solar panel experts can recommend the best panels for your structure. Some solar panel companies offer maintenance services as well as installation. 

How To Tell Your Solar Panels Need Maintenance

The most telling signal that your solar panels need maintenance is a decrease in their power output. You can monitor panel output using an app. You can also add a monitoring system to your network of panels. 

Automated monitoring helps you know what is going on with your solar panel network. If output in your panels drops unexpectedly or some other problem occurs, you will receive an alert. 

Benefits of Solar Panels

Solar panels offer numerous advantages. They include:

  • Short- and long-term energy cost savings
  • Sustainable power
  • Lower carbon footprint than other types of power

Another benefit is that some areas offer financial incentives to install solar panels. One example is the Texas solar tax credit

Solar Panels and Extreme Weather

Solar panels are built to last. They are durable and reliable in many types of harsh weather, including: 

  • Heavy snow
  • Hail
  • Rain

Solar panels have also withstood hurricanes. However, they are not completely indestructible. Lightning and tornados pose a threat, and depending on circumstances, accidents during any type of extreme weather event could cause damage. Shop around for a good warranty, which makes it easy for you to repair or replace damaged panels. 

Increasingly, reliable solar panel retailers and installers are easy to find. Talk to experts about solar panels Houston and the best type of panels for your residence. 

Installing solar panels on your home is an investment that benefits you and the planet. With all the benefits they bring, solar panels are surprisingly easy to maintain. Talk to an experienced solar panel retailer and installer about choosing clean, sustainable energy to power your residence. 


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