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November 30, 2023
What Type of Internet Is Good for Gaming and Streaming?

What Type of Internet Is Good for Gaming and Streaming?

Sep 25, 2023

We’ve all been there – you’re in the middle of an intense gaming session or on the edge of your seat during a thrilling TV show when your internet decides to act up. It’s a real buzzkill. But these are the times when you contemplate whether you’ve got the right internet connection for your gaming and streaming needs. So, before you start feeling helpless, let us simplify it for you and help you find the solution that fits your digital needs.

What’s the Best Internet Type for Gaming and Streaming?

In this blog, we’ll discover what type of internet is good for gaming and streaming and go over the right speeds as well. Let’s start!

What’s the Best Internet Type for Gaming and Streaming?

Fiber internet is the best internet type for gaming and streaming. It offers minimal lag and latency due to its incredibly symmetrical download and upload speeds. It also doesn’t get much interruption from external factors because of its design. Fiber internet is the top choice for serious gamers and movie buffs who demand the best possible experience.

How About the Other Internet Types?

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While fiber internet reigns supreme for gaming and streaming, it’s important to acknowledge that it might not be available everywhere or fit everyone’s budget. So, let’s explore the other common internet types to see if it fits your needs.

1. Cable

Cable internet utilizes the same coaxial cables as cable television to deliver internet access. It’s widely available in urban and suburban areas and offers faster speeds than DSL. Think of it as a reliable option that’s like the family car of the internet world – not the fastest, but dependable for everyday use. This option is usually recommended if fiber is not available in your area because it can also deliver extremely fast speeds.

2. Satellite

Satellite internet isn’t usually recommended for hardcore gaming and streaming as it comes with higher latency due to its nature. However, with the constant development of satellite internet, it’s usually a reliable option nowadays. Just make sure you consider the data that comes with your satellite internet plan.

3. Wireless

wireless internet plans to make sure you’re getting good speed at the best price.

Wireless internet, or fixed wireless, uses radio signals to provide connectivity. It’s often deployed in areas where laying cables is impractical. While it offers better speeds than satellite, it’s not as fast as fiber. But in general, it’s a reliable option that offers decent speeds. Just make sure to look into different wireless internet plans to make sure you’re getting good speed at the best price.

What Is a Good Internet Speed for Gaming?

For gaming, a good rule of thumb is to aim for a minimum download speed of 25 Mbps (megabits per second). This ensures that you can download game updates, maps, and content quickly. However, for the best gaming experience, especially in fast-paced multiplayer games, you might want to consider speeds of 50 Mbps or higher to reduce lag and maintain a competitive edge.

You should also consider other people who will connect to your internet, as they will also take up bandwidth. If you’re sharing your internet with family members or roommates who are streaming movies, video conferencing, or browsing the web, you’ll want a higher overall speed to ensure everyone’s online activities remain smooth.

What Is a Good Internet Speed for Streaming?

What Is a Good Internet Speed for Streaming?

For streaming your favorite TV shows and movies, at least 25 Mbps is also a good start, especially if you have other people using the internet in the same household. However, you can opt for lower speeds if you’re fine with watching in standard definition or high definition. But if you like to enjoy the highest quality, like 4K, having 25 is your sweet spot to guarantee buffer-free viewing on your favorite streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney+, Sling TV, and more.

The Bottom Line

Fiber internet is the best internet for gaming and streaming, but your choice will still depend on your location, budget, and specific online activities. We hope this guide will help you make the best decision that ensures your internet connection is up to the task, whether it’s playing your favorite online game or binge-watching your favorite TV show. Make sure to keep these tips in mind whenever you’re choosing your next internet connection. Happy gaming and streaming!

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