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September 27, 2023
How can I improve the battery life of a gaming laptop?

How can I improve the battery life of a gaming laptop?

Jun 21, 2023

If you own a gaming laptop, your battery life tends to be shorter than regular laptops. You can take steps to optimize and improve your laptop’s battery life. These tips allow you to enjoy longer gaming sessions without a power outlet.

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Here are some tips to improve battery life:

Adjust Power Settings:

Some operating systems provide power management options that allow you to modify settings such as screen brightness, sleep timers, and processor performance. Lowering the screen brightness and setting shorter sleep or idle times can conserve battery power. Selecting a power-saving mode or creating a custom power plan can optimize your laptop’s energy consumption.

Optimize Background Processes:

Gaming laptops often have numerous background processes and applications running simultaneously. Some of these processes may consume unnecessary resources and drain the battery faster. Close any unnecessary programs, especially resource-intensive ones like video players or browsers with multiple tabs. 

Turn off any optional startup programs, as they can consume power in the background without your knowledge.

Manage Graphics Settings:

Graphics performance significantly impacts battery life in gaming laptops. Modern games often have graphics settings that can be adjusted to balance performance and power consumption. Lowering the graphical settings, such as resolution, texture quality, or anti-aliasing, can reduce the strain on your laptop’s graphics card and extend battery life. 

Some games even have a power-saving mode or an option to cap the frame rate, which can be beneficial for maximizing battery efficiency.

Unplug Unnecessary Peripherals:

Connected peripherals such as external hard drives, gaming controllers, or USB devices can draw power from your laptop’s battery, even when not in active use. Disconnect any unnecessary peripherals to reduce power consumption and extend battery life. 

If you are not using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, consider turning off these features, which can contribute to a power drain.

Manage Cooling and Fan Settings:

Gaming laptops generate a significant amount of heat during gameplay, which leads to increased power consumption. Ensure your laptop’s cooling system functions correctly, and keep vents clean and dust-free. 

Some laptops also have fan control settings that allow you to adjust the fan speed manually.

Use Power-Saving Software:

There are several power-saving software applications available that can help optimize your gaming laptop’s battery life. These programs work by intelligently managing power consumption and reducing unnecessary background processes. They can also provide insights and recommendations for further battery optimization. 

Some popular power-saving software options include:

a) Battery Optimizer: This software analyzes your laptop’s power usage and offers suggestions to extend battery life. It can automatically adjust power settings, optimize system performance, and even estimate the remaining battery time.

b) PowerPlanSwitcher: This tool lets you easily create and switch between different power plans. Depending on your needs, you can customize power settings for gaming, work, or battery-saving modes, ensuring your laptop consumes power efficiently.

c) Greenify: Designed primarily for mobile devices, Greenify can also be helpful for laptops. It hibernates unused apps and services, preventing them from running in the background and draining battery power. By hibernating unnecessary processes, you can conserve energy and extend battery life.

d) TLP (Linux users): If you’re using a Linux-based operating system, TLP is a powerful tool that helps optimize power consumption. It adjusts various settings, such as CPU frequency scaling, WiFi power management, and disk parameters, to reduce energy usage without compromising performance.

Keep Your Laptop’s Battery Healthy

Taking care of your laptop’s battery can also prolong life. Here are a few tips to keep your battery healthy:

Avoid overcharging: Once your laptop reaches 100% charge, unplug it to prevent overcharging, as this can degrade the battery’s capacity over time.

Avoid deep discharges: It’s best to avoid draining your laptop’s battery regularly. Instead, aim for shallow discharges and recharge them when the battery level drops to around 20-30%.

Store at optimal conditions: If you plan to store your gaming laptop for an extended period, ensure the battery level is around 50-60% and store it in a cool, dry place.

Maintain a moderate temperature: High temperatures can accelerate battery degradation. Avoid exposing your laptop to extreme heat or cold, which can harm the battery’s performance and lifespan.


While gaming laptops are known for their power-hungry nature, implementing the above tips can significantly improve their battery life. Adjusting power settings, optimizing graphics, managing background processes, and utilizing power-saving software are effective ways to maximize battery efficiency. 

Additionally, taking care of your laptop’s battery and following good charging practices can help maintain its health and prolong its lifespan. By employing these strategies, you can enjoy longer gaming sessions without worrying about finding a power source for your gaming laptop.

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