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April 25, 2024
Choosing the Right Mesothelioma Attorney

Choosing the Right Mesothelioma Attorney

May 11, 2023

Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that strikes the mesothelium, or the covering of the lungs and other organs. It’s caused by exposure to asbestos, a naturally occurring mineral extensively used in construction. The lethality of asbestos exposure has been known for decades, but some companies continued to use the material until fairly recently. Because of this, people who developed mesothelioma have standing to bring suit against entities that knowingly let them be exposed to asbestos.

How to Find the Right Mesothelioma Lawyer

Bringing a mesothelioma lawsuit can be complicated, for there are laws and statutes that are unique to these cases and don’t apply to other personal injury lawsuits. You must choose the right mesothelioma attorney to help you. Here are some things to consider.

Get Lots of Referrals

As with any professional contractor, it’s best to get many referrals from friends, family or coworkers. Coworkers who worked with you where you were exposed to asbestos can be especially useful, for it’s possible they were also exposed and seeking redress. You might even consult with health professionals who have treated patients who’ve suffered from mesothelioma. These can include physicians who are specialists in pulmonary diseases.

The Lawyer Should Be Experienced in Mesothelioma Cases

Because mesothelioma cases are complicated, you must choose a lawyer with experience litigating them. Find one who has worked successfully on cases that resemble yours.

Most personal injury lawyers offer you a free consultation. These consultations are important because they put you face-to-face with the attorney in ways that even a Zoom meeting can’t. An in-person consultation allows you to see whether you and the lawyer are the right “fit.” Ask about their experience and success rate with other mesothelioma cases.

The law firm you choose should have experience in jury trials if it comes to that. Though many companies would just prefer to settle, others will not. You and your law firm should also be prepared for a company to appeal a verdict. Ask them if they have a good record of wins on an appellate level before you take them on.

You should also check the law firm’s references, which should be easy to access if you go online. Lawyers shouldn’t hesitate to put you in touch with former clients whose cases had good outcomes.

Another thing to ask is if the law firm actually handles the cases or refers them to another law firm. If the case is won, the first law firm takes the credit for it even if their lawyers weren’t really involved.

Opt for a Contingency Based Firm

Dealing with mesothelioma is expensive, even if you don’t hire a lawyer. Your best option for a mesothelioma attorney is to find a firm that’s contingency based. This means it doesn’t charge you unless you get a settlement or win your case. If you do win, the lawyer simply takes their cut out of your award.

Still, it will cost some money to retain a lawyer, which is also a good reason to shop around to compare retainer fees. Don’t automatically choose the lawyer with the lowest fee, for they may not be the best lawyer to represent you. Also, an asbestos or construction company that sees that a reputable law firm represents you may choose not to go to trial. They may opt to give you a better settlement than a firm whose reputation isn’t as sterling.

Read the Contract With Care

When you are ready to have a mesothelioma lawyer represent you, it’s important that you thoroughly read and understand the contract. Don’t allow yourself to be pressured or bullied into signing. It is your right to walk away from a firm or a lawyer if you don’t feel comfortable with them.

Mesothelioma cases are often difficult and cost money, even if you hire a law firm on a contingency basis. On top of this, you’re dealing with the health effects and the costs of treating mesothelioma. Because of this, you must hire the best, most experienced mesothelioma attorney within your budget.

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