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December 10, 2023
Interesting Facts about Blackjack You Probably Didn’t Know About 

Interesting Facts about Blackjack You Probably Didn’t Know About 

Aug 10, 2023

Let us take a look at some fascinating facts about Blackjack that you may not know returning to the Blackjack table. Blackjack has a high RTP of 99.41%, making it one of the highly preferred games among gamblers. 

And that’s why it’s a favorite among players when they look for a bet app download.

You can really count cards.

You might have heard about counting cards on a blackjack table and wondered if it really works. Well, you can count cards and use them to your advantage. The trick was proved in 1962, and since then, many books have been written about it. Consequently, casinos made sure that players do not count cards and win big. Some casinos changed the rules of the game to make it harder for players to won. Simultaneously, others went as far as hiring a private investigator and disrupted the card counters.

The house edge is lower than 1%

Typically, Blackjack’s game has a house edge that ranges between 0.5% to 1% (with a few standard decks and 3:2 payoff). A few games have an edge as low as 0.3%. 

Your move matters here

Unlike other gambling games that rely completely on luck (other than video poker), your decision matters in Blackjack. Not many gamblers prefer games that test their wits. But they enjoy their own fan base. 

Counting cards might be easier.

At first glance, counting cards might seem like a daunting task. However, it is quite simple for the people who wrap their heads around the basic concept. In no way it involves memorizing cards. A deck that has more cards favour the players.

Knowing how to count cards in blackjack enables you to determine the highs and the lows. This helps you in placing better bets. For instance, you can subtract one when dealing with an ace or add up one when you get a low card. When your plus points accumulate, you can add up the amount of the bet.

You cannot count cards in online Blackjack.

If you know how to count cards, you are out of luck if you are playing blackjack table online. You have to be at a land-based casino to count cards. For accurate card counting, all the cards from a standard deck have to be out. In case they are shuffled before another round, the count gets zeroed. Here, measuring the ratio becomes a little tricky.

However, at the online casinos, the games operate on RNG (Random Number Generator). The outcomes are determined randomly. The software emulates a standard deck. But for every hand, you get a new deck. This makes it impossible to count cards.

Blackjack is not about hitting a total of 21

Many of us forget that the blackjack table is not always about hitting the Blackjack. The aim is to beat the dealer’s hand and grab the rewards. However, if your first two cards dealt by the dealer are aces, your chances of hitting a blackjack are more.

Not all Blackjack games have 2:3 payouts.

The most common payout for blackjack is 2 to 3. However, over time, new versions have cropped up that payout 6 to 5. This may seem like a small difference, but the figures matter when you bet higher.

Card counting is not illicit.

You might be aware of the rumours or misconceptions regarding the legality of counting cards. And, of course, casinos would love it if you think counting cards is illegal. However, in no way are you breaking any law by keeping the count of cards. Basically, in a way, you are thinking about the game, and no law can stop you from thinking. Hypothetically, even if counting cards is made illegal, nobody can prove you actually did it.

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