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June 25, 2024
What Are the Causes of DOTA 2’s Rapid Growth in eSports?

What Are the Causes of DOTA 2’s Rapid Growth in eSports?

Aug 11, 2023

Dota 2 is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game developed by Valve Corporation. The game has been out for over a decade, but the Dota 2 esports scene continues to face constant growth and popularity today. The five-versus-five game is played by millions of players daily from all continents. In this article, we’ll tell you some of the most significant contributors to Dota 2’s rapid growth in the esports scene.

Captivating Gameplay

One of the most essential factors to Dota 2’s success is the product itself. The MOBA game ticks all the boxes when you’re looking for a game with captivating gameplay. Dota 2 focuses very heavily on strategy and complex gameplay and is widely known to be arguably the most complex esport title to master. It doesn’t matter how many hours you have in the game, whether it’d be 100, 1000, or 10,000. There’s always something new to learn.

Dota 2 features countless gameplay mechanics and interactions that players must spend weeks mastering. But to even start mastering the mechanics, players have over 110 heroes to choose from, each with unique abilities and playstyles. It’s almost impossible for anyone to be able to master every single hero, even for professionals. This complexity forces players to get out of their comfort zones and try new things, making the game challenging and engaging.

With all of this being said, people might be afraid to get into Dota due to the steep learning curve, but that exact reason is why lots of people get into it anyway. Knowing how hard it may be, it is gratifying to find success and rank up in Dota 2. Climbing up the ranks and pulling off remarkable comebacks in Dota 2 matches feels terrific, and it is a feeling that leaves players wanting more. 

Competitive Scene

With Dota 2 being such a challenging game, it’s only natural for fans to enjoy watching the best players in the world show off their skills on the big stages. As a result, Dota 2 has one of the most successful esports scenes in the industry. 

Not only does Dota 2 require excellent individual skill, but the game has a heavy emphasis on teamwork. Watching professional players work together and masterfully play off their heroes’ strengths and weaknesses in Dota 2 matches is always a treat. Support players often build team items to help their Core heroes out, which can turn the Dota live score around in a losing game. Valve has been hosting the annual prestigious Dota 2 tournament, The International, for over the past decade. The International events never fail to amaze the esports audiences with the massive prize pools it offers. The 10th iteration of The International had a record-breaking prize pool of $40,000,000. The International is the pinnacle of esports events, as new storylines and Dota 2 matches are glorified every year, with rising talent coming up to surprise Dota 2 fans live.

Apart from The International, Dota 2 also holds large-scale tournaments throughout the calendar year, including three Major tournaments annually. Tournament organizers such as ESL have also hosted million-dollar tournaments such as DreamLeague Season 20, where the best teams in the world are featured.

Developer Support

Another crucial reason for Dota 2’s success is the constant developer support provided by the Valve Corporation team. The Dota 2 team has always been very active in nurturing the game, ensuring that players receive fresh updates every few months. 

Dota 2 players can expect frequent balance updates, where heroes are buffed and nerfed to keep the game diverse and force players to try different heroes. These balance changes keep the game competitive and enjoyable for casual and competitive Dota 2 players. 

Bug fixes are prioritized by the developer, as game-breaking bugs can be fixed within minutes of being discovered. Valve also releases cosmetic items such as hero skins frequently. These customizations allow players to place cosmetics on their favorite heroes to make the game more entertaining.

Not only is Valve focusing on the game itself, but everything revolves around it. Valve has promptly listened to the feedback of Dota 2 fans and implemented the Dota Pro Circuit to help the Dota 2 professional scene thrive. The creation of the DPC gives fans more Dota 2 live matches to watch as structured tournament systems are implemented. 

Another key contribution from the DPC is supporting the Tier 2 and 3 professional scene. These up-and-coming teams who aren’t ready to qualify for big events can still receive financial support from the DPC with the availability of the lower division, called Division II.

Global Community

Valve has done its part in making Dota 2 a beautiful game; the only remaining step left is for the community to do their part. Fortunately, Dota 2 has a very passionate community. Millions of players play dozens of hours every week, whether they are school students or adults who have just come home from work. This MOBA game has been out for over a decade and still attracts audiences of all ages. 

When you’re loaded into a Dota game, your cultural background and social status do not matter one bit. All that matters is what you can offer on the server. This healthy mindset has helped the Dota 2 community become very inclusive, allowing countless players to connect with the same love and passion for the game. 

To celebrate and enjoy the game together, many online platforms, such as social media and streaming websites, allow fans to engage, collaborate, and learn from each other. There are also dozens of forum websites where like-minded people can converse and talk about the game they love. The Dota 2 community has created a sense of camaraderie where everyone is a family in this game. 


In conclusion, Dota 2’s rapid growth can be credited to exciting gameplay, a functional esports scene, consistent updates, and an incredible community of players. The game is tough to learn, but it makes it much more rewarding for players to get good. The game receives frequent balance changes that keep the gameplay and professional scene fresh. Finally, passionate Dota 2 fans can easily find other compatible people to bond with.

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